Updates on Zantac Cancer Litigation

This video features Jason T. Brown, an Employment and Labor Law attorney based in New Jersey.

Attorney Explains Status of His Lawsuits

Video Transcript:

Judy Maggio: 

What's the latest happening for the Zantac litigation? Attorney explains that the mass tort litigation is in the bellwether stage, in which the plaintiff and defense sides choose with plaintiffs will serve as representatives of the victims as a whole.

Jason Brown: 

Zantac is the heartburn medication that will give you heartburn, when you hear about how it is allegedly linked to cancer due to illegally high levels of NDMA. We, our firm and the litigation is still progressing with the case for individuals who unfortunately took Zantac and were diagnosed with cancer. The litigation this year is heading into the bellwether stage. The bellwether stage is when representative plaintiffs are selected by both the plaintiff side and defense side and are made trial-ready. There are thousands of individuals who alleged they, unfortunately, were diagnosed with cancer after using Zantac, but 20 or 30 of them will get ready to go to trial. And really what happens in these mass tort litigations is that the defendant wants to see how juries react to this particular presentation to determine, number one, if there's liability, and number two, what compensation, if any, to give to each individual plaintiff.

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