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Jason T. Brown

Brown, LLC

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New Jersey
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Jason T. Brown, a former FBI Legal Advisor and Special Agent, is a distinguished trial attorney with millions upon millions of dollars recovered for his clients.

Jason is a tireless worker who will diligently and methodically litigate your case from inception to trial.

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Hillary 5

Jason is sparkling in court. He is animated intelligent and articulate. I found it remarkable that when speaking with him he is very calm knowledgeable and reassuring without the arrogance you say in other attorneys. That is until he needs to turn it on and he does shine as methodical as you would expect from a former FBI guy. I was part of a class that he recovered millions for and was extremely impressed by his representation.
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Jason T. Brown is the head of the firm Brown, LLC and a seasoned attorney who served as a Special Agent and Legal Advisor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Mr. Brown is renowned nationwide for his legal acumen and you can read about his numerous awards and accomplishments on our Awards Page.

He is a methodical and tenacious litigator who has a keen strategic eye and sixth sense for winning complex litigation. Mr. Brown was the first attorney in the country to file a battery of cases against Merck for injuries allegedly caused from one of their products. After many years of hard-fought litigation, the case settled for $100,000,000. He has tried complex litigation, including collective and class actions to verdict in State & Federal Court and has successfully handled a wide variety of cases from catastrophic injury matters to False Claims Act (FCA), qui tams and various other high end litigation.

Righting injustices is a passion of his and he works non-stop litigating on behalf of the injured and aggrieved. During his tenure as Legal Advisor and Special Agent for the FBI he worked closely with the United States Attorney’s Office, and also worked with and provided legal guidance to members of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United States Secret Service, Immigration & Naturalization Services, Homeland Security and countless other Federal, State, and Local Agencies.

Mr. Brown has a formidable record in the legal realm and has many favorable results and verdicts for his clients. He is a tireless worker who will diligently and methodically litigate your case from inception to trial.


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