Meet Denver Injury Attorney Samantha Pryor

This video features Samantha L. Pryor, Esq., a Business Law attorney based in Colorado.

Video Transcript:

Samantha Pryor:

I graduated in 2007 and started my legal career at an insurance defense firm. I got some really good experience there, and then decided I can just start my own law firm. I started the Halliburton Law Firm in 2012. I did start off as insurance defense; through that process I gained a lot of insight not only on how the insurance companies work and how they value claims, but also the types of defenses that insurers and at-fault parties tend to put up.

Working for the insurance company, I realized that a lot of insurance companies, unfortunately, care more about the bottom line than they do about making injured people whole. So as I did a really good job of handling claims for the insurance company defending them, it became clear to me that there was someone needed to represent people who were injured because they are not familiar with the law or how the law might apply to their various facts. So when people are injured, they really need someone who understands the law, who can get them the most that they can in terms of compensation.

Personal injury is an attractive practice area for me because I like to help people who are injured and who are in a space where they really need a lawyer to have insight to help them get the most that they can. So people who are injured, they're in a unique position because they're focused on trying to get better, and so if they have a good lawyer who is representing their interests in the claim, then they can focus on getting better.

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