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Samantha L. Pryor, Esq.

The Halliburton Law Firm, LLC

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When it comes to premier legal services, you can trust The Halliburton Law Firm, LLC in Denver, CO.

Whether you are dealing with a business law, personal injury, or employment case, The Halliburton Law Firm, LLC has you covered.

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Samantha L. Pryor, Esq. is the brilliant attorney behind The Halliburton Law Firm, LLC. It is through her unwavering efforts that she and her firm are able to continuously serve clients in and around Denver, CO all these years.

Mrs. Pryor was admitted to practice law in October 2007. During her years of practice, Mrs. Pryor developed a diverse civil and commercial litigation practice in both state and federal courts, representing individuals and businesses of all sizes. Mrs. Pryor's legal practice focuses on business matters and personal injury, including slip and falls, car accidents, and traumatic brain injury cases. Mrs. Pryor has experience in arbitrations, mediations, appeals, depositions, jury and bench trials, small claims matters, administrative law matters, and civil protection order cases.

Mrs. Pryor has extensive motions practice experience and has received many compliments from her colleagues and clients for her superior legal research, analysis, and writing abilities. Throughout her practice, Mrs. Pryor has also been highly effective in negotiating amicable settlements between litigants, without the need for hiring mediators or other neutral third parties. Due to her breadth of experience and passion for resolving conflicts, Mrs. Pryor became a Mediator and formed Resolution Advocates in 2016.


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