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Personal Injury


Personal Injury is a broad category of law usually involving lawsuits based on injury or death from a variety of unnatural causes. These reasons could include anything from auto accident injuries to medical malpractice to product liability. Personal Injury cases almost always require the timely hiring of an attorney to represent you or your family and can often require a trial attorney. These cases, whether in settlement or in court, can end with the guilty party providing monetary compensation for injury, expenses, pain and suffering and other categories of compensation.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

There are quite a few categories of personal injury cases, and sub-categories within many of these areas.

Motor Vehicle Accidents is the largest group. Car accidents make up a large number of personal injury cases, and may include auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, boat accidents, train accidents, bus accidents, airplane accidents, and pedestrian accidents. Within these categories, blame could be held on the driver for something like distracted driving, DUI or hit and run, the owner of the vehicle, or even the manufacturer of the vehicle in the case of auto defects. It could also carry over into Wrongful Death lawsuits.

Whether it is based on neglect, a product liability, or a harmful act, Medical Malpractice will often involve large insurance companies representing hospitals or medical professionals, and may require an attorney specializing in this category. These could include birth injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, burn injuries or other categories.

Workplace Injuries are another major category of Personal Injury. This could include slip and falls, falling objects, construction injuries, muscle injuries, cuts and lacerations, industrial deafness, or other mishaps or illnesses caused while on the job. It can also include things such as a dangerous work environment, or fights at work. Asbestos and the cancer it can cause, Mesothelioma, is one of the most common causes of personal injury in a working environment. Also, crashes and collisions, which could be included in motor vehicle accidents, could lay blame on employers if it is a vehicle used for work.

Personal Injury can also be based on Intentional Torts rather than physical injuries. These could include assault and battery regardless of injury, fraud, slander/libel, false imprisonment and a host of other issues.

If you are injured by the negligence or fault of another person or entity, you might need to seek legal council. From animal bites to nursing home abuse to cruise ship injuries, personal injuries run the gamut.


  • When should I hire a PI attorney?

You should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible with any personal injury issue, as they will have advice for you and take over the management of conversations between you, authorities and the other party. Do not hesitate to at least make a call to find out if a personal injury attorney is needed with your issue.

  • What if I can’t afford to hire an attorney for my case?

Many personal injury attorneys work without a charge directly to you, and are paid a percentage of the case winnings. This allows you to get the representation you need, whether you can afford to pay an attorney now or not. Attorney’s will decide whether or not to take your case based on their estimated expenses and the likelihood your case can be won successfully.

  • If my family member was killed, can I file a PI case on their behalf?

Yes, you can.

  • Where Should My PI Lawyer be Located?

Do you need to hire a personal injury attorney near you for your personal injury case? That’s what most people initially think, but usually in a PI case, you need to hire an attorney that specializes in your case subject matter, not your location. There are lawyers for some kinds of PI cases in most areas, especially for broader categories such as auto accidents. However, you should seriously consider finding a lawyer with experience as close as possible to your case matter. This lawyer may have already done much of the research needed for your case, have related trial experience that can be invaluable, and have the resources available to quickly and successful try your case. Often, attorneys will partner with another attorney in your local area to help with the case, meeting with you in-person or taking care of any local matters.

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