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S. Randall "Randy" Hood

McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC

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South Carolina
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Nicole W 5

Randy Hood and his staff worked tirelessly and with great empathy on my husbands medical malpractice case. After his death the case continued and though it was difficult, Mr. Hood always made sure I was OK during the proceedings. His staff were always kind and helpful when I called with a question of for an update. I cannot say enough good things about this firm, Mr. Hood, Esq. or his entire staff.
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South Carolina injury attorney S. Randall Hood is a founding partner at McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC. Randy has dedicated his legal career to helping those who have suffered serious injuries or lost loved ones due to negligent conduct.

South Carolina injury lawyer S. Randall (“Randy”) Hood focuses his practice on representing individuals who have been catastrophically injured in a preventable accident or representing people who have been wronged by an act of a corporation on a large-scale basis. His catastrophic injury practice includes people injured in a medical malpractice case, tractor-trailer collision, product liability claim, birth injury case or some other serious incident. The catastrophic injuries suffered by some of his clients have included traumatic brain injury, burn injury, paralysis, amputation, cerebral palsy and death.

Randy also represents people who have suffered some type of injury due to wrongful conduct on behalf of a corporation or organized entity. This type of situation presents an opportunity for Randy to represent a class of individuals (class action) or many individual claims in a consolidated action against corporate entities (Multi District Litigation, or MDL). These class actions or MDL situations usually involve a defective drug or medical device.


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