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Gregg Anderson is passionate about helping those hurt by the negligence of others and assisting injured workers.
Our law firm has the skill, experience, and resources necessary to assist you in recovering the full damages to which you may be entitled.

Our law firm has the skill, experience, and resources necessary to assist you in recovering the full damages to which you may be entitled.

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About Gregg

Gregg Anderson is a partner with Camerlengo & Anderson and The Truck Accident Law Firm. He joined Camerlengo Law Group where he was managing partner, having joined three months after it was founded in April 2001. His practice includes representing injured workers under the federal Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act, injured workers hurt overseas covered by the Defense Base Act and Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentalities Act claimants.

Mr. Anderson grew up on Long Island, the son of a police officer father, with dreams of becoming a prosecutor. After earning his undergraduate degree in criminal justice at Buffalo State, returned to work full time in management for a supermarket he had worked for before college. One night, as he was walking through a parking lot at one of the stores he managed, he was struck by a pick-up truck that hit him and left him on the pavement. He was out of work for four months and when he returned to work, his employer wanted more from him than was physically safe. This experience re-ignited his dream of becoming an attorney, and Mr. Anderson applied and was accepted to Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville.

During his second year at Florida Coastal, Mr. Anderson joined Camerlengo Law Group as Joe Camerlengo's law clerk assisting with his personal injury cases as well as the longshore clients he was representing. He discovered that he could truly relate to truck crash victims and local ILA union members injured on the waterfront. Mr. Anderson's older brother was struck head on by a truck driver that crossed over into his brother's lane causing significant injuries including trauma to the head as a result of hitting the windshield. Accordingly, assisting injured persons and their families is important to him. Also, having been a union member himself for ten years prior to going to law school and having been injured on the job while a union member coupled with having a great-grandfather who was a longshoreman in New York he has a natural affinity for helping longshoremen. Upon graduation, he joined the firm officially and continued working with longshore clients.

Mr. Anderson is an active member of the Workers Injury Law Group (WILG), Longshore Division. This national organization is comprised of attorneys dedicating their time and resources to championing the injured worker seeking changes in legislation to secure a safer workplace environment and ensuring that injured workers secure the benefits that are due to them as a result of on-the-job accidents. Mr. Anderson is the Longshore Section Co-Chair as well as being on the WILG Board of Directors. Mr. Anderson is also an active member of the Department of Labor-Joint Bar Association which is an organization that discusses and proposes recommendations to the Department of Labor with a goal to maximize the resources available to the legal community in handling claims under the LHWCA and DBA.

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