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Exceptional work in trans-national civil litigation.

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Enid grew up in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba and Barcelona, Spain. Upon receiving a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Marquette University, she became a reporter for The Miami Herald and other publications. After raising her family, Enid sought a career in law. While attending the University of Miami School of Law, Enid clerked for the firm of Steel Hector & Davis. She joined Steel Hector & Davis full-time as an attorney after graduating cum laude. In 1992, Enid joined Colson Hicks Eidson, where she began practicing commercial litigation and wrongful death litigation.

As commercial cases became increasingly international in nature, Enid’s multi-lingual capacity and diverse cultural background became even more valuable. Enid is a Florida lawyer with global litigation experience. She has worked extensively on complex international disputes including air crash litigation in multiple districts. Representing the families of victims of air disasters, Enid has traveled the globe seeking justice for her clients. She is also a member of legal teams with our injury lawyers, attorneys from other firms and in-house counsel, enabling the firm to handle large cases effectively.


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