Why You Need to Call a Truck Accident Attorney ASAP

This video features Mike Maxwell, a Personal Injury attorney based in Washington.

Issaquah, Washington Truck Accident Lawyer Explains

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal: 

Why is it important that you speak to a lawyer as soon as possible if you've been injured after a crash involving a commercial truck? That's what we ask Washington State lawyer Mike Maxwell for this Ask The Lawyers Quick Question.

Mike Maxwell: 

Two things. One is, those trucks can cause injuries much more severe than you can get with a typical automobile. Those trucks are enormous, they're heavy, and they're fast, and they can cause a lot of injury. Second, they've got a lot of insurance, at least in Washington State, there's always $1 million worth of insurance. And third, the risk managers for these trucking companies are very, very sophisticated. And if you're dealing with a very sophisticated risk manager who realizes that there's exposure for the trucking company and you're trying to negotiate one of those things, you're the hen trying to negotiate with the fox. It never works. If you are ever injured by a commercial truck, that is the ideal time to call a lawyer because a lawyer can get for you a much better outcome, whether by settlement, by litigation, or by a verdict, than you can do on your own.

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