Why You Need a Board-Certified Truck Accident Attorney

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“I’m actually the only attorney in North Carolina that is board certified in truck accident law.”

If an attorney is board certified in a certain area of law, what does that mean? How common is it to find a board-certified attorney, especially in the field of truck accident law? How does an attorney become board certified?

Brian Davis is an injury attorney with Davis Law Group, P.A. in Asheville, North Carolina. He is the only attorney in North Carolina who is board certified in truck accident law, and one of roughly 40 attorneys in the country with that certification. In this interview, he explains how a board-certified truck accident attorney has years of experience, a deep understanding of the law, and sufficient knowledge to pass an extensive, day-long test on the subject.

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Key Takeaways From Brian Davis:

To become board certified in any area of law, an attorney must first have practiced that field of law for a number of years, and be able to prove that a significant portion of their cases were in that area of law as well. The attorney will then have to take and pass a detailed test on the topic, and if they pass can be considered board certified.

Not all truck accident attorneys are board certified.

In fact, Davis admits there are only around 40 board certified truck accident attorneys across the country; he is the only board-certified truck accident attorney in North Carolina. Board certification is a vetting process intended to weed out the best of the best in an area of law. Due to the unique nature of each area of law, finding a board-certified attorney is a good way to know that your attorney is intimately acquainted with the laws regarding your specific case in your specific state.

Winning a truck accident case takes experience, knowledge, and resources; it is not something that any personal injury lawyer can do. It may also help to note that hiring a board-certified attorney in a field of personal injury law, like truck accidents, costs the same as hiring a less experienced or non-certified personal injury lawyer.

Hiring a board-certified attorney ensures that your case will receive the most experienced care.

A common error made by less experienced accident attorneys involves attorneys who primarily handle car accident cases taking on a truck accident case. Not only do the laws and industry regulations differ between the two, but the kind of evidence available and opposition presented can differ vastly from the other.

The level of investigation necessary to win a truck accident case versus a car accident case is detailed, intense, and must happen as soon as possible after the accident. This is primarily due to the fact that trucking companies and their legal and insurance teams will be ready to combat any claims brought against them. If you or a loved one were injured in an accident with a semi-truck or 18-wheeler, Davis recommends checking the National Board of Trial Advocacy to find a board-certified trucking attorney in your state.

Davis recommends attorneys wanting to practice in this field pursue board certification.

Board certification can only be achieved after an attorney has worked in that specific field for a significant period of time. This ensures that an attorney with board certification must have the knowledge and experience to understand and win this type of case. To attorneys wanting to transition to truck accident law and/or seeking board certification, Davis recommends seeking as much experience in the field as possible and to begin studying up for the certification. Not only will this improve your chances of passing the board certification test, but it will significantly increase your knowledge of the field, benefiting both yourself and your client.

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