When Do Brain Injury Symptoms in Children Appear?

This video features Grant Lawson, a Personal Injury attorney based in Wyoming.

Wyoming Accident Attorney Says It Could Take Months or Years

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

Are brain injuries immediately apparent in children after they've been hurt in an accident? I'm asking Wyoming lawyer Grant Lawson for an Ask The Lawyers Quick Question.

Grant Lawson:

Brain injuries sometimes take months, if not even years to fully manifest, develop and present the symptoms that somebody may suffer from. No brain Injury is consistent. No, it's not the same across the lines. There are certain things, certain attributes that kind of cross the line in terms of what people suffer in terms of memory loss, word loss, balance issues, headaches, stress, PTSD, those sort of things, they're all kind of generalized in what's considered a brain injury, but everybody's brain injury is different, everybody suffers differently. And everybody's brain is different. And so with children, our precious children who are... Their brains are developing, if they suffer an injury, it could be definitely months, but more likely years before a full understanding of what possible symptoms and complications could arise from having an injured brain.

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