What’s the Problem with Zantac Medication?

This video features Chris Gilreath, a Medical Malpractice attorney based in Tennessee.

Tennessee Zantac Lawyer Chris Gilreath Explains

Video Transcript:

Judy Maggio:

What's the problem with Zantac and how do you know if you might have a legal case? Let's ask Tennessee lawyer Chris Gilreath for this Ask the Lawyers Quick Question.

Chris Gilreath:

The problem with Zantac is that once the patent ran out on the name brand Zantac, generic manufacturers started making it and then a problem was discovered with the active ingredient in Zantac, once it became generic. And originally, there was concern that in the manufacturing process, Zantac was being exposed to percentogens, one called NDMA in particular, but there's also been an additional scientific theory put out that when Zantac is ingested in the body, there's some chemical reaction that actually sometimes produces a carcinogen in your body, and so people are concerned that the design of the drug or the way that it's manufactured is causing people to be exposed to carcinogens and develop cancers.

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