Symptoms of Brain Injury in Children After a Car Accident

This video features Michelle Martin, a Civil Rights attorney based in Ohio.

Columbus, OH Attorney Lists Symptoms to Watch For

Video Transcript:

Molly Hendrickson: 

How should parents monitor children who have been injured in an accident for a possible TBI?

Michelle Martin: 

As a loved one, you're gonna watch out for any type of dizziness, any type of fatigue, any, you know, sometimes children like to re-live an incident, so if they're continuing to repeat how the accident occurred, and they sound like they may be anxious, they may be fearful, you don't wanna let them go to sleep right after, you wanna get them to their primary care physician or to an emergency room to make sure that they're doing all the proper diagnostics. Sometimes they experience nausea, a lot of times the children, when they've been involved in... You'll see it in concussive syndromes, they'll be very sick to their stomach. You wanna look in their eyes, make sure they don't have a daze look. Talk to them often, make them speak often, and at night, just monitor them because you have either one of two things, either they're gonna sleep really, really heavy, and so you're gonna watch and monitor that sleep, but on the flip side, you may see that they're unable to sleep and that jittery feeling, not just the nightmares, but the jitters, and you see them twitching. You wanna pay attention to that. So you're gonna do a lot of heavy monitoring of your children after any accident, but definitely after a traumatic brain injury accident.

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