Semi-Truck Accident Attorney: Be Wary of Tire Blowouts

This video features Joseph V. Camerlengo Jr., B.C.S., a Personal Injury attorney based in Florida.

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Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

What should you know about truck tire blow-outs on a highway? Let's ask Florida lawyer Joe Camerlengo for this Ask The Lawyers Quick Question.

Joe Camerlengo:

Tire blow-outs are something that happen literally hundreds of times a day in our country. Drivers should know first of all, anticipate that. I teach my 16-year-old daughter as you go by the truck, two hands on the wheel, imagine the explosion, so that you're not surprised. You would be amazed how many crashes occur because there was a blow-out and their car driver panic steered, went left or went right, went off the road and caused the major crash because there was a blow out and the noise and the sound and the big gator or the big particle from the truck tire hits the vehicle, you really have to just hold the wheel and pay attention.

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