Road Debris from Unsecured Loads Causing Utah Accidents

This video features Kevin Swenson, a Personal Injury attorney based in Utah.

Featuring SLC Injury Lawyer Kevin Swenson

Video Transcript:

One of the leading causes of accidents on Utah roadways is getting worse, not better. 

I'm Rob Rosenthal, this an Legal Brief. The Utah Department of Transportation says approximately 1800 motor vehicle crashes each year are caused by unsecured loads and road debris. Utah Highway Patrol says they have seen road debris-related calls go up nearly 20% over the past five years, and state troopers say they responded to more than 25,000 road debris calls each year.

We ask Attorney Kevin Swenson, co-founder of Swenson and Shelley Injury Attorneys with offices in St. George, Orem, and Salt Lake City, Utah, about this trend, and he says: 

“Debris in the roadway is one of the biggest hazards faced by drivers on a daily basis. When you're driving at highway speeds and suddenly come upon a ladder, tire, or other large obstacle, it can be hard to safely maneuver around the object in time. Road debris can result in catastrophic and even fatal accidents, and part of what makes his accidents so tragic is that they could have often been avoided by taking extra care to ensure the load in question was properly secured.”

The Highway Patrol of Utah reminds drivers to use caution when transporting loads, including properly tying down and securing any large objects, as well as covering the load with the tarp or netting, if there's the possibility of items falling out on the road. 

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