New York Injury Attorney Ron Landau

This video features Ronald J. Landau, a Personal Injury attorney based in New York.

Video Transcript:

Ron Landau:

I always found all of those legal shows on TV totally fascinating. It just seemed to be my focus. After high school I went to Syracuse University where I studied pre-law in their program, and then decided that for law school, I had to be here in New York. I chose New York law and actually worked in a law office part-time during law school, and by coincidence, this firm happened to do personal injury work; I loved it. I thought it was spectacular. I was able to go to court with the partner and actually watch the trial process take place. I was mesmerized by it. I just found it spectacular that I could get paid to do something I love to do and help people simultaneously.

I saw these people who were really victims, not victims of crimes, but that had truly been victimized by the system in terms of not being able to work or suffering disabling injuries. It really gave me a perspective in terms of what I wanted to do as a lawyer for the rest of my life.  

We really, as personal injury lawyers, represent those who cannot speak for themselves, and when they turn to me, or they turn to Michele, or they turn to Tom, they know they're turning to someone who's really truly compassionate and sympathetic to the situation that they're in. It's not just a lawyer-client relationship; they almost become a member of our family.

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