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New Protections for Undocumented Construction Worker Injuries

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“Why should families of workers have to worry if their loved one is going to go to work, that they may not see them ever again because they were killed or badly injured because of something that was preventable.”

Until recently, undocumented construction workers involved in the civil justice system were afraid of being detained by ICE agents at the courthouse. Due to a recent injunction, ICE agents can no longer seize undocumented workers when they arrive at the courthouse to testify. This new protection can help victims of undocumented construction worker injuries seek justice.

Michael Greenspan is a personal injury attorney based in White Plains, New York. In this interview, he explains more about the rights of injured construction workers, along with concerns regarding crunched timetables now that construction sites are reopening. Anyone injured in a construction accident has the right to speak with an attorney confidentially and for no charge.

To learn more, contact the attorney directly by calling 888-392-6439 or by submitting a contact form on this page. There is no charge for the consultation, and you never owe any out-of-pocket attorney fees.

Key Takeaways From Michael Greenspan:

Construction sites are inherently dangerous environments. With many workers returning to sites that were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a new push to try and have construction completed by the original deadlines, there is growing concern that this push will lead to costly and dangerous oversights.

Undocumented workers have previously been hesitant to report safety oversights.

Due to the risk of being seized by ICE and deported, in the past undocumented construction workers have displayed understandable hesitation in participating in reports of safety oversight, fearing that even a short presence at a courthouse could result in their being seized and taken away.

However, an injunction was recently issued in New York which has ordered ICE to immediately cease picking up immigrants and undocumented workers at these courthouses. This injunction came after the recognition that this hesitation on the part of undocumented workers to speak up was resulting in significant miscarriages of justice.

Undocumented workers can no longer be picked up and deported at a courthouse for engaging in the justice system as a party or witness.

Undocumented workers are often assigned the more dangerous jobs on construction sites that others may be unwilling to do. It is important for these workers to note that they are protected by all the same labor laws as their documented coworkers. For example, if an undocumented worker is injured on the job, they are eligible to receive workers’ compensation to help pay their medical bills and lost wages. Additionally, if an undocumented worker’s injury occurred due to an accident that could have been easily prevented by proper attention to safety, that worker could be eligible to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party.

If a construction worker is injured on the job, they need to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

This includes undocumented and documented construction workers. Workers’ compensation attorneys can begin an immediate investigation into the scene of the accident and collect important evidence including photographs and witness testimonies. It is important for construction workers and their families to be secure in the knowledge that their medical bills will be covered through workers’ compensation.

These families do not need to worry about how they are going to pay for a lawyer.

Most personal injury attorneys, including those that handle these kinds of cases, work on a contingency fee basis; this means they don’t get paid unless they win your case for you. Only when an attorney wins or settles their client’s case will they be paid out of a percentage of the winnings. Even the consultation is free, so if you or a loved one were injured on a construction site, regardless of undocumented/documented status, contact a workers’ compensation to learn more about what they can do for you. They can help you seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and more.

To learn more, contact Michael Greenspan directly by calling 888-392-6439 or by submitting a contact form on this page. There is no charge for the consultation, and you never owe any out-of-pocket attorney fees.

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