Meet Georgia Injury Attorney Christy Childers

This video features Christy Childers, a Personal Injury attorney based in Georgia.

Holding Corporations Accountable When They Abuse Consumers’ Trust

Video Transcript:

I grew up in South Georgia, a little town called Sylvester, and I was born Christy Cray from a family of lawyers who all stayed in South Georgia. I decided to stay in Macon after law school. I think that in every profession, women are a lot of times underestimated, and that's okay, because a lot of times, while we're being underestimated, we're working super hard behind the scenes to make sure that we've got everything in place to win our case.

I don't wanna say that I'm gonna win every case, but I sure am gonna work harder than anyone else that could be on the other side, and after they litigate a case against me, they won't ever underestimate my work ethic again. More than anything, I have a passion for holding corporations accountable that people trusted, because to me, violating the trust you have with your consumer or the people who come on your property is a serious thing, and we all take it for granted. We think when we go places that people are gonna follow the rules, and I'm a rule follower. And so when somebody takes a safety shortcut and you end up losing a body part or a catastrophic injury, or even a spouse or a child, it's a very serious matter, and you need somebody who can tell your story to the jury in a way that values what you've lost.

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