Injured Construction Worker in Alberta?

This video features Steve Grover, a Personal Injury attorney based in Alberta, Canada.

Calgary Workers’ Comp Lawyer Explains Options

Video Transcript:


Can construction workers have a premises liability claim when injured on the job?

Steve Grover: 

Unfortunately, in Alberta, I would probably say no, because we have something called Worker's Compensation Alberta. And if you're employed by an employer who has to have WCB coverage we call it here in Alberta, and you're injured on the site, unfortunately, you have to go through WCB. It's been a system around in Alberta I think since the late '50s, early '60s. And I mean there is really no kind of claim unless we can prove total gross negligence against the employer, but usually you'll have to go through Workers' Compensation Board here in Alberta. They'll pay for your treatments. They've sort of got this little neat chart of, "Okay, if you got a broken finger according to their meet chart, this is what your injury is worth." So unfortunately, a construction worker’s rights for any kind of compensation through the legal system in Alberta is limited and you usually have to go through WCB which is more of an administrative tribunal set up by the government of Alberta here.

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