If the Other Driver’s Insurance Calls, Should You Answer?

This video features Claude Wyle, a Personal Injury attorney based in California.

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney Explains

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal: 

If you're injured in a car crash, what's the harm in you talking to the other driver's insurance company? Let's ask San Francisco lawyer Claude Wyle for an Ask The Lawyers quick question.

Claude Wyle: 

You stand to do yourself a lot more harm than good, if you talk directly to the insurance adjuster. Remember that personal injury attorneys almost always work on a contingency fee basis, meaning a success fee, if we get a settlement or an award for you. We get a percentage of that. The percentage doesn't change if you've taken your time to talk to the insurance adjuster and you've messed up your case by admitting something you shouldn't have admitted, or by talking before you really know the facts and really have investigated your own claim well enough to give the insurance adjuster answers. If you tell that insurance adjuster something that helps that insurance company, they won't wanna really talk to you about paying you ever, and you might have dug yourself into a hole and you might have damaged your case well enough so that it's an uphill battle and it's gonna cost a lot more time and a lot more resources to ever get you a fair settlement.

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