How to Tell if You Have a Defective Hip Replacement

This video features George E. McLaughlin, a Personal Injury attorney based in Colorado.

Product Liability Lawyer Explains How to Find Out

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

How do you know if your hip replacement device could be defective, and what do you do? We ask Colorado attorney George McLaughlin for this AskTheLawyers™ Quick Question.

George McLaughlin:

Most people don't know what kind of a hip product they have. This is the pro-femur hip stem. You can find out by asking your surgeon what they put in. Most people really don't pay attention to the brand name, but there's a particular issue with this product because if this modular neck is in the process of breaking, there's no way to tell. You can't X-ray a person with enough radiation to see into the body of this stem and see the neck breaking. These come in two sizes; there's a short neck and a long neck. The long necks have just recently been recalled. The company that acquired this product from Wright Medical a few years ago, they're called Micro Port, they're now responsible for this product. They issued a formal recall of all of the long necks because of the excessive fracture rate.

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