How to Obtain A Truck’s Dashcam Footage After a Crash

This video features Christy Childers, a Personal Injury attorney based in Georgia.

Georgia Truck Accident Attorney Explains Spoliation and Preservation of Evidence

Video Transcript:

Molly Hendrickson: 

Can a person hit by a commercial truck obtain dashcam footage from the truck?

Christy Childers: 

So people hit by commercial trucks can obtain dashcam footage from those trucks if they don't destroy the evidence, and for that reason, we send what's called a spoliation letter in Georgia at least. And all over the nation, you send these letters saying, You better preserve your evidence. Our law here is great, because if they don't preserve that evidence, then we get a presumption that it would have helped us, which is as it should be. However, that presumption is never as good as what that dashcam footage would have shown, because oftentimes, there's reckless behavior going on, and we actually... A lot of trucks have driver-facing cameras as well as forward facing cameras, and so it's important to us to get involved early and to try to get as much evidence as we can from those truck or trailers before they get destroyed.

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