How Lawyers Gather Car Accident Evidence

This video features Steve Grover, a Personal Injury attorney based in Alberta, Canada.

Calgary Car Accident Lawyer Explains

Video Transcript:

Molly Hendrickson: 

After a car accident, what kind of evidence can an attorney subpoena that could help prove fault in the case? We ask lawyer Steve Grover in this Ask The Lawyers Quick Question.

Steve Grover: 

When we take on a case, we use every resource available to us and we always find the most important people initially on the claim are private investigators, and if there's a witness to the accident, we make sure that private investigator goes out, gets the witness statement. We can subpoena that witness at trial if necessary to confirm, "Hey, my client was not at fault for the accident, and the other driver ran the stop sign and T-boned our client's vehicle and was the cause of the accident". So I think it's really important to get that evidence out right away, we call it an evidence response team we have. We have a number of investigators that work for us, so we get to know right away if there's any independent witnesses, get traffic signal lights, download that information to make sure that our client did have the green light, so there's a lot of information that we can subpoena later at court, because we have to do the work over the case initially.

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