How an Undocumented Immigrant Can Stay in the US Legally

This video features Cory Forman, an Immigration Law attorney based in New York.

New York Immigration Attorney Cory Forman Explains

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

If someone is an undocumented immigrant in New York, what can they do to possibly stay in the country legally? Let's ask New York City lawyer Cory Forman for an AskTheLawyers Quick Question.

Cory Forman:

Unfortunately, there is very little relief, affirmative relief, where someone could apply for something in the mail. There are times, I know this sounds strange, but where someone may be better off being put in removal proceedings in immigration court. There are some opportunities to seek relief in immigration court as scary as the proposition is. An example would be something called cancellation and removal, if someone was here for more than 10 years, have a US citizen child spouse to a parent that would suffer an extreme hardship if they were deported and that person could show good moral character, they could apply for something called cancellation and removal through the courts, or a judge could make a decision. That is not something that's available by just submitting something in the mail. Those laws are very complicated, but they are out there. There's some that it applies and for some that it don't, the last thing you wanna do is throw anything in the mail without consulting an attorney.

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