Highway Construction Worker Hit by a Car?

This video features Michelle M. West, a Personal Injury attorney based in California.

California Injury Lawyer Explains What to Do

Video Transcript: 

Molly Hendrickson: 

If a highway worker in California is hit by a car, what should they do?

Michelle West: 

So the first thing obviously, is to seek medical attention and take care of your body first, that's the most important. Next, of course, is to talk to any witnesses at the scene, and everyone has videos, that cell phone in everybody's pocket. It has some of the best evidence now, and asking anyone who was at the scene to provide any photos, any videos, people often will put things on Instagram and social media, they're sometimes shocked and horrified when they see something like that, so obtaining all that information and scouring social media for it, so that you can gather the evidence, which might be difficult, something like that, you know, the driver may leave the scene and it may be difficult to find, so the social media and really reaching out to those who are at the scene asking for their photos and videos that... If a police officer comes to the scene, it's really important to remember they have often body cameras and dash cameras, and those can be requested and obtained, and that often will have very helpful evidence as well.

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