Do I Need an Ohio Workers’ Comp Attorney?

This video features Michelle Martin, a Civil Rights attorney based in Ohio.

Featuring Columbus Lawyer Michelle Martin

Video Transcript:

Judy Maggio:

Why is it important that you speak to a lawyer about your workers' comp claim? We're asking Ohio lawyer Michelle Martin for this Ask the Lawyers Quick Question. 

Michelle Martin:

Workers' comp claims are multi-level of issues, there are lots of different rights that employees have while working on the job, and there are lots of different rights that the employer has, and so when someone breaches that or fails to meet the standard of care and there's some type of injury that occurs on the job, of course, you wanna have an attorney who's knowledgeable about the workers' compensation laws of your state here in Ohio, that would be me, but you wanna make sure you talk to an attorney who's knowledgeable about the laws in your state, so that they can tell you how those claims are processed, also tell you what to expect when people are hurt on the job, it's important to know where is that next dollar gonna come from, and what's my family gonna do for bills and meal replacement while the bread earner or the breadwinner is actually down?

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