Dixie Fire Destroyed Home or Business?

This video features Mikal C. Watts, a Personal Injury attorney based in Texas.

California Attorney Explains When to Get a Lawyer Involved

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

If you're a victim of the Dixie fire in California, how long should you wait before contacting an attorney to help you recover for your losses? Let's ask lawyer Mikal Watts for an Ask the Lawyers Quick Question.

Mikal Watts:

Well, under no circumstances should you wait more than two years from the start of the fire, California has a statute of limitations and your ability to file a lawsuit goes away by virtue of the two-year statute of limitations, if you wait that long. The advantage of getting started early is there's a process here, we have to prove that PG&E caused the fire, which we can do, we have to prove the damage that was caused by PG&E's fire, which takes work. The sooner we can get that process started, the sooner we can get from step A to step B, which is the time that the insurance companies from PG&E are willing to settle the case. So it's really your choice, how soon you choose to do it, but if you wanna get paid sooner, we gotta get started sooner.

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