Convicted of a Felony: Can You Still Buy a Gun?

This video features Michelle Martin, a Civil Rights attorney based in Ohio.

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

If someone is convicted of a felony in Ohio, do they lose their Second Amendment right to gun ownership? We're asking Ohio Lawyer Michelle Martin for this AskTheLawyers™ Quick Question.

Michelle Martin:

Yes; depending on the conviction, that's true. What you see, a lot of times, I like to tell people to go ahead and come in for a consultation because there are some felony convictions that have an automatic right to restoration to remove the disability. So you don't even have to file the application, but just by having that prior felony conviction, you feel that you've lost your right to bear arms, and if you go to, of course, purchase the gun, they run a background check, they see you have this felony, and they disallow you from purchasing the gun. However, there were certain drug laws back in the day, or certain felony laws, that would have an automatic restorative right, and some people just don't exercise that right. So it's really about going to get the legal consultation that you need to find out what type of felony you were convicted of, and if you need to file an application, if you even qualify, or if you have an automatic restorative right.

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