Car Accident in Company Vehicle?

This video features Christy Childers, a Personal Injury attorney based in Georgia.

Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Explains Your Options

Video Transcript: 

Molly Hendrickson: 

What should someone do if they're hit while driving their company car?

Christy Childers: 

If you're hit while driving your company car, stay calm. Give the police officer all of your information, and also, even though it is your company car, you're also going to look at your personal insurance to see if you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Your underinsured motorist coverage should protect you even if you're in someone else's car. There can be exclusions for something called business use, but as your lawyers, that's something that we look into for you. What you shouldn't do, if you're hit in your company car is try to hide that fact from the police officer, which I had happen in a case. The police officer had on a dash cam, and I then got a recording of a lady trying to talk the police officer into not putting it on there that it was for a company car because of, you know, she didn't wanna get in trouble. So be open and honest with the police about the fact that it is a company car and who owns it and talk to a lawyer about any other insurance that might be available to help you in that event.

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