Can a Minor Brain Injury Be Severe?

This video features Claude Wyle, a Personal Injury attorney based in California.

San Francisco Accident Attorney Clarifies

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal: 

Sometimes a traumatic brain injury is labeled as minor. Can it really be both minor and traumatic? That's what we asked San Francisco lawyer Claude Wyle for this Ask The Lawyer's quick question.

Claude Wyle: 

There have been over the many years designations of minor, moderate, and severe, and the way they designate that is how long were you knocked out? How long were you unconscious? And that is terribly unfair. And we've had cases where people were knocked out for a period of time, and they recover, and they're perfect. And we've had cases where people have had a very short period of unconsciousness and they have lifelong problems with their brain. So the term "minor traumatic brain injury" in our book is a misnomer, and the true nature and effect of their brain injury needs to be teased out, needs to be investigated by proper medical personnel. We know whom to call, and we know how to evaluate these cases. Don't ever let anyone tell you your brain injury was minor if you still have any problems at all.

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