Boating Accident in Hawaii?

This video features Wayne D. Parsons, a Medical Malpractice attorney based in Hawaii.

Honolulu Injury Lawyer Explains Admiralty Law

Video Transcript:

Molly Hendrickson: 

If someone is hurt boating or on the ocean off Hawaiʻi, do personal injury laws apply?

Wayne Parsons: 

It's governed by the Law of the Sea, which is an ancient law. The law of the sea existed 1000 years ago, and over the years, in the United States, we've passed other laws that essentially, codify that incorporated it into a legal structure, and those laws apply. And the claims that are brought by people who are hurt on the ocean, say they're on a catamaran tour boat that hits a big wave and everybody gets thrown around and hurt, or they're injured on a snorkeling cruise, those claims have to be brought to the Admiralty law, those laws are different, but they're very similar to standard personal injury law, and the damages that are available to people are the same damages for medical bills, medical expenses, past and future lost wages, and pain and suffering and all the kinds of things you get in other cases.

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