Bench Warrant or Arrest Warrant Issued Against You?

This video features Frank Walker, a Criminal Law attorney based in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Defense Attorney Explains What to Do

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal: 

What should you do if you find out there's been a bench warrant or arrest warrant issued against you? Let's ask Pennsylvania lawyer, Frank Walker, for an Ask The Lawyers quick question.

Frank Walker: 

Notice your surroundings. Let's say you live in a neighborhood, it's a suburban neighborhood, and you start seeing the sheriffs riding around your neighborhood all the time talking to your neighbors, and they're coming to your house, but you're not there. You see them on your ring camera or whatever camera you have, on your doorbell. They never leave a message, but maybe they leave a card, and you're thinking, "What's going on?" That's what they want you to think, 'cause they want you to call them or they want you to come in, and now, all of a sudden, soon as you come in, they're gonna arrest you. If you contact a criminal defense attorney, you can turn yourself in, and now, that gives you the benefit of telling the court, "Hey, I knew there was a warrant for me, they didn't have to come get me, I turned myself in. I wanna face these charges, because I'm innocent, I'm not guilty. I've retained an attorney, so I'm not running anywhere. I wanna face these charges head on," and the judge will notice that and usually give you the benefit of the doubt by giving you a nominal bond or an OR bond, present your own recognizance, so you don't have to pay any money for a bond, and you can fight your case on the outside as opposed to being in jail.

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