Are Trucking Companies Treating Their Drivers Well?

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Now more than ever, truck drivers have a huge responsibility to deliver goods across the country to people who need them. But are trucking companies treating their drivers well?

Montana Thompson is a personal injury attorney with Phillips Law Group in Phoenix, Arizona. He focuses his practice on helping those affected by personal injury and wrongful death, including victims of car accidents, truck accidents, traumatic brain injuries, and many more. He is also fluent in Spanish.

In this Quick Question, Thompson explains that it depends on the company. If there’s a high turnover rate, that is likely a sign that working conditions for the drivers are not ideal.

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Trucking companies vary in regard to how they treat their truck drivers.

The way trucking companies treat their drivers can vary widely. On the whole, local and regional companies tend to have better safety and employee satisfaction rates, while some larger trucking companies have an employee turnover rate of more than 80% every year. A trucking company that does not support their drivers causes a myriad of problems, from undue stress on the drivers themselves to putting profit above the safety of their drivers and others who share the road with them.

It is unfortunately not uncommon for trucking companies to cut safety corners or pressure truck drivers to forego safety regulations in an attempt to increase profits. This can create issues of liability both for the truck driver and trucking companies; truck drivers just like any type of employee should not be put in the position to choose between job security and following acceptable safety standards.

Truck drivers are vital to the economy.

Truck drivers work long hours and often spend days at a time away from their families in order to transport goods around the country. The majority of truck drivers are well-trained and skilled individuals committed to following industry safety regulations. With so much purchasing happening online these days, the need for truck drivers is more prominent than ever.

Truck drivers are the backbone of the U.S. economy at this point in history where cross-country shipping of goods has become a commonplace necessity. Truck drivers are particularly deserving of appreciation and respect for all their work in recent months given their commitment to an industry that is by no means easy to work in, but has become essential to the way people function on a daily basis.

When trucking companies pressure their drivers to violate regulations it can result in catastrophic accidents for truck drivers and anyone else sharing the road with them. Profit is never more important than lives trucking company employees and bystanders.

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Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

How well do trucking companies treat their drivers? That's what we asked Arizona attorney Montana Thomson in this AskTheLawyers Quick Question.

Montana Thompson:

Some do and some don't. We've learned of trucking companies who have more than an 80% turnover every year of their drivers. Obviously, a company like that isn't treating their drivers very well. That's not true of all trucking companies though, there's local and regional companies that tend to do better, have better safety ratings, but it's something that we hope drivers are treating, being treated well during this time. We owe a lot of thanks to these truck drivers to continue to keep our goods and services transported and keeping us well-stocked, so we definitely appreciate the drivers and we hope that they are being treated well.

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