Are Ski Resort Waivers Legally Binding?

This video features Steve Grover, a Personal Injury attorney based in Alberta, Canada.

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Video Transcript:

Molly Hendrickson:

How enforceable is a waiver of liability at a ski resort in Alberta? 

Steve Grover:

The law of waivers in Canada, there's a lot of case law and it can be a little bit complex. I think the most important thing is if someone's had the opportunity to read the waiver and sign it, he or she would understand what the waiver covers. I know when you go to ski resort like you know the the ski resorts near Banff um you know they'll be sort of a waiver on your ski lift ticket and knowing you know the going up there to ski myself I know they put in bold yellow color so they make sure it stands out but the most important thing is is I mean you know for the waiver to to be upheld yet you have to show that the person read the waiver they understood the waiver and therefore they know the risk associated with it um and so you know I think it's important you know for people to understand that waivers can be upheld but at the same time every every case is different. The facts differ on every case and so it would be more of a case-to-case basis if someone unfortunately is injured in a ski or snowboard accident here you know in Alberta.

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