Are Brain Injuries Always Diagnosed After a Car Accident?

This video features Greg Webb, a Personal Injury attorney based in Virginia.

Charlottesville, Virginia Injury Lawyer Greg Webb

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

Are brain injuries always diagnosed immediately after an accident? We asked Virginia lawyer Greg Webb for this Ask The Lawyers Quick Question. 

Greg Webb: 

No. Unfortunately, brain injuries are often not diagnosed and may not even be known to the victim right away. Sometimes people will have a brain injury, and mind you, a brain injury includes a concussion, that is a brain injury, so a lot of times after an accident or trauma to the head, people will have symptoms and they won't put it together that, Hey, I think I have a brain injury, I had a concussion. There are many symptoms that are related to head trauma and brain injury, including dizziness or equilibrium issues, memory loss, including trouble finding words or names, not remembering what you're doing or where you're going, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise, irritability, emotional instability, sleep problems. Either sleeping too much or not enough. There are a whole host of issues that go on with head trauma that a lot of times people just don't either tell their doctor about or they assume is related to something else.

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