Any Downsides to Calling an Injury Attorney?

This video features Grant Lawson, a Personal Injury attorney based in Wyoming.

Wyoming Accident Lawyer Explains

Video Transcript:

Tom Mustin: 

Is there any downside to speaking with an injury lawyer after an accident in Wyoming?

Grant Lawson: 

The only downside would be not to speak to a lawyer, if you get hurt out in the oil field, it's absolutely imperative you find out what's gonna happen with the work comp process if there's workers comp, whether or not you have the potential right to bring claims against anyone at all, making sure that you have a lawyer who can help you figure out if there needs to be a preservation of evidence if all the evidence at the oil field site or whatever the location is, being those pieces of evidence are being preserved, that there's photos being taken, if an investigator needs to get out there, things that are super crucial and critical to a case that the longer you wait, the harder it is for a lawyer and his team to do their job. And so really the downside is not calling one but your best bet is call an attorney as soon as you can, to get information that'll help you decide where to go and how to get there.

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