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Membership in AskTheLawyers™ definitely comes with benefits.

So, what can you expect to get if you qualify for membership to our unique legal video marketing platform? What we currently offer our select members: three different video marketing opportunities.

First is our longer form remote interviews that we call Ask The Lawyer. For these, we have one of our professional broadcasters interview you on specific topics that we help you choose. The broadcaster is in our studio in Austin, you're in your office or even at home, if you're practicing social distancing. Usually running less than 10 minutes long, the Ask The Lawyer video interview gives you a chance to showcase your knowledge and personality, and gives potential clients a chance to get to know you in a way no other type of marketing can offer.

Option number two is what we call the AskTheLawyers™ Quick Question. This is where you get a chance to quickly answer questions that potential clients are likely to have and search for. One of our professional broadcasters poses the Quick Question, and then we present a short video of you giving the answer. We market these minute or so long videos very specifically to the exact people you want to reach. Again, they give you a chance to be offered up as a knowledgeable authority who is helping people with their problems.

The third item on our membership video menu is what we call the AskTheLawyers™ Legal Brief. These are news style reports, anchored again by our professional broadcasters. They present a news story and include a quote from you about the story. This positions you as a knowledgeable, trusted authority that is trusted by a third party source, which carries much more weight than if you tell it yourself. The AskTheLawyers™ Legal Briefs are ideal for breaking news type stories, but can also work for firm news, especially positive case results. All of our video options, by the way, are available to our members in Spanish as well.

At AskTheLawyers™, we pride ourselves on our commitment to continually innovate and improve. In fact, we are very close to unveiling some exciting new offerings for our members that are state-of-the-art and will be game-changing in the digital marketing arena.

So stay tuned for more information about those coming very soon.


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