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Vin assists his clients by explaining the various options available depending on each client’s own personal situation. Vin then helps his clients to understand the pros and cons of each strategy so that the client may make the best decision for themselves and their families. Finally, Vin assists the client to carry out whatever strategies the client has decided is best for them.

Vincent Casiano helps seniors and their families to understand and deal with the many complicated situations that arise as one grows older.

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Kevin J 5

In a time of deep personal distraught due to the passing of my loved one, Mr. Casiano received my call willingly, listened with an open mind, guided me through a few key decisions, and helped me stay on track with settling our family's estate. I will continue to engage Vincent and his Casiano Law Firm on my further needs and look forward to his counsel.
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Elder law and estate planning attorney Vincent Casiano founded the Casiano Law Firm to serve the needs of seniors and their families in San Diego and communities throughout California. Mr. Casiano's expertise is in helping clients deal with the complicated and confusing legal and financial issues that arise as a loved one grows older.

Vinny, as most of his friends and clients call him, founded the Casiano Law Firm and the San Diego Elder Law and Estate Planning Firm in August of 2005. Vinny a former partner of Sorem, Pastore & Casiano, LLP, decided to form his own firm and work with other professionals who devote their practice to serving the needs of seniors and their families. Vinny took over Richard L. Sorem's estate planning practice in 2004 and continues to service the needs of Richard's client's in estate planning, probate and trust administration.

Vinny is not your typical attorney. Upon graduation from Hastings, Vinny decided to open up his own practice and immediately began to practice in the area of estate planning and probate. Early on Vinny realized that most estate planning attorneys were neglecting to address many issues that our elders face near the end of life such as diminished capacity, assistance with normal daily living activities, long-term care costs, financial and physical abuse and undue influence to name a few.

Seeing the need for compassionate attorneys and a firm that is interested in helping seniors and their families with these issues, Vinny began to develop an expertise in the areas that affect seniors the most. Do not hesitate to contact Vinny to see if he can assist your family with your concerns.


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