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Marty Fogarty

Heartland Law Firm

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Establishing a relationship with our firm is like buying a ticket for safe passage through life’s storms and across its raging rivers.

"My firm is dedicated to helping you and your family benefit from our expertise."

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Thanks for Taking Care of Mom! My mother used The Heartland Law Firm for her estate planning. Throughout our engagement, Marty demonstrated his strong sensitivity to the special needs of senior clients through his careful explanations, clear communication and helpful guidance. His professional personal style is very supportive, reassuring and educational, and the estate planning results were thorough and complete. Marty was always responsive to and willing to handle ongoing questions, updates and needs. We’re very satisfied.
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Simple, Clear and Easy Marty: thanks for making the whole Will/Trust subject so simple, clear and easy to understand. We started wills several times and never completed them with various law firms. Heartland Law Firm got us through and finished in two weeks and now my wife and I and our extended family all have peace of mind.
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For nearly 30 years, I've been solving problems with others: as an attorney, confidant, mentor, friend, father and spouse.

This is what I know for sure: life's a journey. The milestones and challenges along the way are transition points. These transition points pull us from one chapter to the next. For life's higher stake transitions, we need a relationship with someone who can make clear the landscape we're in. Someone who empowers us to make the best choices in this transition to move forward with confidence and peace of mind. I founded The Heartland Law Firm on this idea. The Heartland team is driven by our mission is to Enrich Lives in Meaningful Ways.

Personally and professionally, I have been immersed in the "Elder Transition." I can see that the way society supports elders in a long term health care transition is fragmented and often disregards consideration of the vulnerable elder's personal dignity.

The "Elder Advocate" movement calls for a new standard of elder law to be adopted by the legal industry: that "Elder Law without social work is an incomplete solution."


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