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David Krieger

Haines & Krieger

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Everyone’s financial situation is unique. My philosophy is ‘help good people through bad times.’
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About David

An experienced Las Vegas consumer bankruptcy attorney, and experienced in foreclosure solutions, and debt & credit management, David is co-founder and owner of Haines and Krieger in Las Vegas. Having helped thousands of people in Las Vegas during these difficult times, he is on a self-proclaimed mission to turn the downward economy into an upward trend – at least as far as protecting people’s money and saving people’s homes is concerned. A tall order indeed, considering that Las Vegas is suffering from record levels of foreclosures and bankruptcies. Amid the economic turmoil, Krieger offers hope and tangible relief to financially ailing clients, allowing them to avoid devastating losses, and get a fresh start on their lives. David’s commitment and dedication to smoothing out the rough financial patches, as well as the sensitive and respectful way he treats those who are on the brink of losing all that they own, is appreciated by thousands of grateful clients in Las Vegas.

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