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The Law Offices Of Connie L. Williford is a general practice firm in Macon, Georgia, helping people like you, people experiencing difficult times who want to move forward.
A dedicated, compassionate and caring approach to family law matters.

A dedicated, compassionate and caring approach to family law matters.

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About Connie

Attorney Connie Williford is the founder and lead attorney of her  firm. Blending razor-sharp litigation skills honed through years of experience and a deeply compassionate sense of commitment to her clients, attorney Williford gives clients the adaptive representation they need whether going to trial, negotiating an agreement or counseling them through mediation. Equipped with a wealth of extensive mediation training in both general civil mediation and divorce and family law mediation, she brings significant power to the negotiating table when resolving your issue out of court. With a keen understanding of when to pursue negotiations and when to carry a case to trial, attorney Williford provides her clients with strategies that save them time and money and spare them the stress of a drawn-out affair. Connie's desire to help people led her to begin working for the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services while she worked on her master's degree. Realizing that she could help more people as a lawyer, she applied and was accepted to Mercer University's Walter F. George School of Law, where she excelled. By remaining committed to the people we serve, we not only resolve the issue at hand, but we strive to help clients prepare for the future and plan for a better, brighter tomorrow.

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