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Charles Triay

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Probate litigation attorney Charles Triay has been in private civil practice since 1977.
San Francisco Probate Litigation Lawyers Specializing in Contested Wills and Trusts

San Francisco Probate Litigation Lawyers Specializing in Contested Wills and Trusts

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About Charles

Charles Triay is a Concord probate litigation attorney. He is the founder of the Triay Law Firm, and he litigates cases involving contested wills, trusts, and all manners of inheritance battles. His areas of practice include:

  • Undue influence, including elder financial abuse
  • Lack of capacity, which includes someone of unsound mind executing a will
  • Contesting and defending fiduciary accountings
  • Spousal rights, when a spouse is denied his or her fair share
  • Defective wills and trusts, such as those with forged signatures, mistakes, or oversights
  • Dealing with claims from creditors after the debtor has passed away

This is a complex area of law with strict time limits, rules, statutes, and procedures deciding how estates and assets must be distributed. As Charles Triay says, probate litigation “is kind of like a mosaic or painting, where you’re assembling lots of different bits and pieces to make a whole picture.” That’s why you need someone familiar with the law to handle such complicated matters. Charles Triay has over 40 years of experience as a Concord probate litigation lawyer. Contact him today to schedule a consultation.


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