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GM Announces Another Recall That Affects 1.18 Million More SUVs

General Motors (GM) issued another recall of 1.5 million vehicles on March 17, stating that certain SUV models have defective air bags, according to The Washington Post. This comes after the fallout from GM’s first recall last month of more than 1.6 million small cars for defective engine switches. The defect is linked to 12 deaths, and GM is now facing multiple investigations into how

Research Shows Pradaxa is the Most Complained About Drug in the US

Pradaxa, a popular blood thinner, is currently the most complained about drug in the US, according to ABC 7 Detroit. Pradaxa is used to treat atrial fibrillation, a heart condition that significantly increases the risk of stroke. Research found more complaints were filed with the Food and Drug Administration about Pradaxa than any other prescription drug, in both 2011 and 2012.

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What If My Child is Hurt in a Bus Accident?

Picture of paramedics

On March 5, on the Ryan Expressway near the 51st Street entrance ramp, there was a multi-vehicle accident between a Megabus, a daycare van and two other vehicles that left eight children and one adult injured.

The wreck started when one of the vehicles involved began to fishtail, causing it to crash into and “ricochet” off of the median wall. This impact thrust the impaire

Driver Responsible For Fatal Pitt County Car Accident Still Missing

On March 6, four vehicles were involved in a fatal wreck on Highway 43 in Pitt County. The four vehicles were traveling southbound on the two-lane Highway 43, when a vehicle in the northbound lane crossed over into the southbound lane to make an illegal pass, forcing the four southbound traveling vehicles to slam on their brakes and causing a van and SUV to collide, killing one of the passenger