Case Story: Wrongful Death of Oil Rig Worker

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All employers, including owners of oil rigs, have a responsibility to keep their workers safe. These companies have significant resources, and any lapse in safety is not acceptable.

In this video, attorney Grant Lawson explains a case he handled where an oil field worker died on site. He filed a lawsuit that ended in a successful settlement.

Video Transcript:

When I took on a wrongful death case of a young man, he was killed out on a rig because of a company’s negligence in putting together some equipment that caused a high pressure build up and then an explosion. Oilfield companies that have money to just throw out there, have people out just drilling holes, and making money and cutting safety like it’s no big deal. That case really taught me that you have to fight and you have to fight hard and you have to be willing to go after them and dig deep and not give up. We settled the case and we hope of course it was for a good amount. But anytime somebody dies, any time there’s a there’s a tragedy, it’s hard to know whether any amount of money is enough.

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