Are Workers Safe Around Mechanical Power Presses?

A mechanical power press cuts and shapes large metal pieces for the automotive industry, but the machine’s size, power and speed can put workers at risk. Every year, thousands of workers suffer amputations, crush injuries, and lacerations from mechanical power presses.

After an inspection by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Metal & Wire Products Co. Inc. received several citations for inadequate safety procedures while using their mechanical power presses.

The company was cited for violating OSHA’s lockout/tagout and machine guarding procedures. Management also failed to install brake-monitoring safeguards, use safety blocks, or inspect presses weekly.

Violations of machine guarding and lockout/tagout procedures expose workers to numerous hazards. Machine guards protect operators from the machine’s moving parts, while lockout/tagout procedures keep workers from using faulty equipment.

OSHA’s safety measures may seem excessive, but one mechanical power press can cause incredible damage. Crush injuries and amputations can change workers’ lives, and make it difficult for victims to find future employment.

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