Why Are Women Safer Drivers than Men?


San Diego women drive more safely than men, according to data released by San Diego County.

From 2000 to 2009, men died in car accidents three times more often than women did. The driver who survived the crash was four times more likely to be a man as well.

Men are more likely to commit traffic violations like speeding, failing to yield and running red lights. Women are still involved in their share of accidents, but on average men engage in more risky driving behaviors.

The study also showed that alcohol use is the distinguishing factor between male and female car accidents. Men are responsible for 80 percent of drunk-driving fatalities in San Diego.

San Diego’s study provides important insight into male and female driving habits, but more importantly it shows the impact of driving while intoxicated.

Drunk drivers are dangerous regardless of gender, because they are less coordinated, have trouble maintaining speed and react more slowly to changes on the road. As soon as drunk drivers get behind the wheel, they risk their own lives and the lives of every other motorist.

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