Will I Have to Appear in Court for a Car Accident Lawsuit?

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“In a [trial situation], I would say 95 percent of cases [are settled prior to ending up in court]. However, these days the insurance companies are [letting more cases go to trial so that they have a lower chance of having to make a payout]. Now, we’re filing more lawsuits and it’s more difficult to end cases that should be settled.”

Will I have to appear in court for a car accident lawsuit?

Most of the time, personal injury cases, in the case of car accidents, reach a settlement between insurers and victims before they go to trial. But how likely is it that a car accident case will go to trial?

Logan Quirk is an injury lawyer based in Los Angeles, California. In this video, he explains that while car accident trials have been rare in the past, they have been increasing as insurance companies fight back against car accident victims.

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Key Takeaways From Logan Quirk:

While there is a relatively small chance that your case will go to court, you should be prepared for any outcome.

Most car accidents with regard to personal injury cases, says Quirk, are settled through insurers prior to actually going to court. This is because insurers believe that paying out settlements is generally faster, easier, and—most importantly—less of a financial burden than going to court. This is a commonly held belief among many large companies and corporations. A settlement, while an annoyance in the short term, usually involves one set payment to the other party. If a case goes to court, the insurance company involved could end up paying more if the court rules against them.

However, more insurance companies are looking to take claims to court rather than settling. This is based on the belief that most people do not have the time, expertise, or legal means to fight a complicated or lengthy court battle, and are more likely to drop the case and let the insurer off the hook for any payments.

Additionally, an insurance company may attempt to offer you a lower settlement than you are entitled to. Increasing these settlement amounts often means taking them to court to be resolved. In any case, says Quirk, you should be prepared for an unexpected turn in your case—and be prepared to seek appropriate, experienced legal help.

Work with an attorney who understands these types of claims and can help you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

When you are attempting to receive a settlement, it may be difficult to understand complex terminology or guidelines that insurers use. You may also not know where to begin in attempting to reach a higher settlement, and this stress can affect you negatively, especially if you are recovering from an injury or other loss as a result of the accident.

This is why, says Quirk, you must seek help from an attorney who has experience with obtaining personal injury settlements and taking these kinds of cases to court. A prepared legal professional will understand how to ensure that you know about timelines, insurance company operations, court processes, and other information that will help you fight a successful case. If taking your case to trial is necessary, this attorney will have had experience in fighting against insurance companies and allowing their client to receive fair and necessary financial payouts.

Whether or not your case is taken to trial, it is important to take into account all the possible outcomes regarding an insurer’s decision, and the steps you can take to get the money that will help you recover from a crash. With the help of an experienced attorney to guide you, you can fight your case with the knowledge that you are fighting for what you deserve.

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