When a Doctor Fails to Diagnose Cancer

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What if a doctor fails to diagnose cancer, and the patient dies as a result? Frank Cristiano explains that it could be considered grounds for a medical malpractice or wrongful death lawsuit.


Cancer is obviously a very serious condition that can cause horrible consequences and oftentimes is fatal. However if detected early your chances of leading a meaningful life and even potentially curing the cancer dramatically increase. Doctors who you go to because you’re concerned about certain things are very much responsible for doing a thorough job and understanding the potential consequences of a late diagnosis of cancer. So if you were one of your loved ones suffers from a very traumatic or horrible effect of cancer including death. When you think that the cancer should have been diagnosed years before because you had seen the doctor about the signs and symptoms of the cancer years before then you should see or at least speak to an attorney to see if there is a provable case there.

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