6 Things To Do After a Car Accident

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Not sure what to do after a car accident? Attorney Logan Quirk breaks it down into six simple steps. Remember: the insurance company is not your friend.


These are some things you should do following the accident when the insurance company contacts you.

1: Do not admit fault. Admitting fault obviously will be detrimental against any claim that you bring.

2: Do not give a statement of any kind, even to your own insurance company. At some point down the road, you may actually have to be an adversary against your own insurance company and these statements can come back to be used against you.

3: Do not sign any documents, do not sign any releases of information to get medical records. Again, this is the insurance company’s tactic to try and use the information gather information to use against you.

4: Insurance adjusters are trained very well to act as your friend, to be the good neighbor, to say that you’re in good hands. Do not follow or trust these adjusters. These are purely protocol to get you to settle your claim for as cheaply as possible. Remember that insurance companies value profit over your safety and health.

5: With your respect to your vehicle in California, you have the right to get your vehicle fixed at any shop. So if you have a body shop that you use, you have the ability to go to these shops without the insurance company telling you you can’t.

6: Call an attorney like me and we’ll walk you through the steps and make sure that your rights are protected.