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What Should You Do If You Are Injured Working in an Oil Field?

Oil Field Injuries Demand Experienced Legal Help

Working in the oil industry presents several dangers for the workers. If all the regulations are followed and the site is properly supervised and managers, everything should go smoothly. This, unfortunately, is not always the case.

Michael Callahan is a Houston attorney who helps oil field workers injured on the job. He can tell when employers are negligent in providing safe working conditions.

Call 888-711-2120 now if you've been injured working in an oil field.

Video Transcript:

I’m Rob Rosenthal with AskTheLawyers.Com, and this is Ask the Lawyers:
Oil production in the United States is rising… nearing record levels. Especially in Texas’ Permian Basin, the largest oil field in the U.S. An oil boom means more companies, hiring more workers… a Texas attorney warns, however, it also means more injuries, often catastrophic ones.

Attorney Michael Callahan of the Callahan Law Firm in Houston says statistics show that oil industry jobs are the most dangerous in the country. Oil field accidents, injuries and even fatalities are on the rise.

He says:

“It’s a fact – working in the oil field is dangerous. The reasons are many and include the equipment involved – the drilling rig and all its components, the drill pipe, the casing, and all the associated well site equipment; the number of workers on site working together but performing different tasks; the pace of the work; the long hours. Also, the downhole pressures and forces as well as the volatility of the product - oil and natural gases. The combination of all these factors and more result in a high risk, dangerous workplace. Employees who are injured on the job in the oil fields should contact an attorney to help get the compensation they’re entitled to.”

Attorney Callahan emphasizes that it is crucial to hire an attorney who has experience with oil field cases. If you have questions, need information, or are ready to find an attorney, visit


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